We continue to make high-quality products by using machines
and know-how that we have walked together for many years.
We have proud in Japanese manufacturer with
safe and secure manufacturing in mind.

What's FGN?

Manufacturing plant

The manufacturer of foundation(innerwear),
garment and notions

We handle foundation(innerwear),
garment and notions.

All employees have the pride of a professional

We have a sales system based on flexible proposals and planning
in line with the times, with experienced sales staff at each base.
We are constantly refining our skills so that we can respond to future
changes in the times in order to take on a wide range of
challenges in fields other than inner auxiliary materials.

Corporation Profile

Global Network

Overseas group bases based in Asia

With production bases in China / Guangzhou and Vietnam / Hanoi as the axis, we have been operating daily with a production system that is close to our customers by making full use of the know-how and technology we have built over the years. We are also focusing on domestic sales in China, aiming to be a global company that is not limited to the Japanese domestic market.

The name of the company "FG.Notion" comes from our handling products "Foundation", "Garment" and "Notions".




We also handle products that use functional materials and products that are excellent design.

Health Care & Supporter

We are handling healthcare products for the future of an aging society and products that support and reduce the burden on the body.


We develop and sell products based on "MADE IN JAPAN".

Product Catalogue

See FGNotion's products as product catalogue.


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