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Manufacturing Process

The power of people and technology to continue to create high-quality products. We have production bases in Guangdong Province, China and Hanoi, Vietnam, and take pride as a Japanese manufacturer for many years and produce every day. Each base factory has an integrated production system from thread purchasing to covering, warping, weaving, dyeing, inspection, and packing and shipping. Skilled technicians are assigned to each department to manufacture high-quality products.

Manufacturing process

1.Thread covering

After raw yarn arrive, it is covered with a covering machine. * DCY (double covering) SCY (single covering) that winds threads around polyurethane

2. Thread wraping

Adjust the tension of the thread and wind it evenly on the dedicated bobbin.

3.Tape weaving

(There are roughly two types: needle machines and comet machines.) Set the warped yarn on the tape loom and start weaving the tape. The tape woven from the machine goes into a special box. There are workers around the loom who are always in control to check if there are any problems.


Dyeing machines are roughly divided into two types: continuous dyeing machines and batch dyeing machines. The continuous dyeing machine is suitable for continuous large quantities. In addition, it is mass-producible because it can be completed from dyeing to drying all at once. Since the batch dyeing machine allows the dye to penetrate the tape over a long period of time, it is used for short meters or when dyeing dark colors.。

1. Continuous dyeing machine (front)

2. Continuous dyeing machine (rear)

3. Batch dyeing machine

5. Color confirmation after dyeing

In the dedicated color judgment box, a professional worker checks if the color is as instructed.

6. Fastness test & inspection

Tapes for which color judgment is OK are sent to the inspection department after undergoing a specialized fastness test. The fastness test is conducted by a specialized machine according to the conditions specified by each business partner. If the fastness test is passed, the inspection department will check the physical characteristics, appearance quality, texture, odor, meter reading, and other special matters.

7. Product packaging department

Tapes (products) that have passed the inspection are packaged according to the shape of each tape. Feston (a method of folding it back to a certain length with a machine) Shake off (a method of shaking it up and down on a box with a machine)

Feston machine

Shake off machine