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Recruitment information (mid-career recruitment)

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1. Recruitment type
Currently: General occupation

2. Work location
Kobe Headquarters, Tokyo Sales Office, Vietnam Hanoi Suburbs Factory, China Guangzhou Factory, China Dalian, Hong Kong

3. Working hours
9:00 to 17:00 (1 hour break)

4. Salary

Monthly salary from 224,000 yen

* The above is for a starting salary of a new university graduate or above.

Bonus twice a year (July and December)


5. Holiday vacation

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

120 days of annual holidays, Full weekly two-day system, Annual paid leave, Special leave (weddings and funerals)

Prenatal / postnatal leave, Childcare leave, Days designated by the company (summer vacation, year-end / New Year holidays), etc.


6. Benefits
Social insurance, employee holding system, condolence money, regular health checkup, reemployment system, etc.

7. Measures to prevent passive smoking

No smoking in the office

8. Recruitment process

Primary selection: Submit an entry sheet or resume and select documents based on it.

Secondary selection: Selection by face-to-face interview

・ If it is possible to visit the Kobe head office, the second selection will be the final selection.

・ In cases other than the Kobe head office, for example, in the case of Tokyo, the Tokyo sales office manager first meets.

・ If you are applying from Vietnam overseas, the top Vietnamese corporation will have an interview.

Third selection: In cases other than the head office, the final interview with officers at the head office

* Currently, online interviews by ZOOM etc. are possible according to the situation of COVID-19.


9. Date of joining the company

As needed

Managing Director General Manager of Sales Headquarters

Mitsuhiko Kishigami

Phone: 078-441-2828

Facsimile: 078-452-3001


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